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Toeasy Powder Company now has an independent and outstanding R&D team in the coating industry, and has conducted technical cooperation and product innovation with many famous universities and scientific research institutions such as South China University of Technology, China Three Gorges University, China Coatings Chemical Research Institute, and Tianjin Composite Materials Research Institute. To increase reliability and innovation for Toeasy products, we establish long-term strategic partnerships with internationally renowned raw material suppliers, so that we can  provide customers with high-performance powder coatings.


Through unremitting efforts, the company has steadily developed into a large-scale powder coating production enterprise. It not only has annual production capacity of 20,000 tons, but also has advanced coating technology and skills and a number of modern production lines in the field of powder coating, and also has a number of professional Highly-qualified scientific team and international top coating specialists. The company has imported experimental equipment and quality testing equipment imported from Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, providing guarantees for the company to produce high-quality products.


We know the truth that "good products are made and only through the means of making". We have made the company's product quality always ahead of its domestic counterparts, by the means of adopting the most advanced production technology, applying high-tech formulating systems, selecting domestic and foreign high-quality raw materials, and establishing cooperative relationships with many internationally renowned raw material suppliers, companies such as DSM in the Netherlands, Chamex in Belgium, Dow in the United States, Ciba in Switzerland, Clariant in Germany, etc.


Toeasy powder is committed to controlling the quality of purchasing raw materials, ensuring the high quality of the source, improving the spraying area, the fullness and gloss of the coating film, improving the film leveling, and achieving a thin coating to reduce the powder consumption per unit area. The unit spraying area can be Increase 10% to 30%. We make analyze and study of various kinds of base materials, adjust the particle size of the powder, increase powder adhesive rate at one time, reduce loss, and increase production efficiency.